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More Linq Tenants Announced!

More Linq tenants have been revealed by Caesars Entertainment. These go along with the previous list of tenants that were revealed not too long ago!

Lets get started!
Tequila Ranch, believed to be a cowboy themed bar. More Bar/Pub atmosphere for The Linq
Coke – Already in Vegas down the strip between MGM and PH…. Not too exciting to be honest.
Ghirardelli: Formerly of “Carnival Court” outside  “The Quad”, this will be it’s new home.
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:  …. Not sure what to expect here…??!

*Insert Deflating Baloon Sound Here*….
Nothing exciting to be honest.. The Linq will surely have a younger vibe, but we are still waiting to hear about what will make it truly unique, and what will entice Vegas visitors to visit the Linq… Other than the High Roller that is….


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