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BurGR Gordon Ramsay Planet Hollywood – Dec 22

There have been rumours going around about another Gordon Ramsay eatery hitting Vegas soon. Currently, there is Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris, and opening Dec 18 at Caesars Palace, there will be a Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill. However it has now been confirmed, a new burger joint, called “BurGR Gordon Ramsay” at Planet Hollywood. Gordon Ramsay likes to stand out, so as you can see in the pic below, its looking very ‘fancy’! (Pics from Pulse of Vegas, Caesars Entertainment)


Artistic Rendering of BurGR Gordon Ramsay

BurGR Las Vegas, Gordon Ramsay’s newest Vegas offering (he’s really pushing Vegas lately isn’t he?), will be located near the Las Vegas Strip, next to the casino’s Extra Lounge. It will be opening December 22, 2012.

The Menu will obviously have Burgers, with a Gordon Ramsay flare to them. We can probably expect Chips (fries) in some kind of newspaper wrapped cone, as well as the classics such as milkshakes, and in Ramsay style, pork bello buns, sweet potato fries (some fancy chipotle mayo perhaps Mr Ramsay?).

Some specs on the cooking process – Open flame broiled burgers, cooked by hardwoods including 60% alder and 40% applewood (man that sounds delicious). The actual patties will be constructed using three beef cuts, short rib, brisket, and the ever fatty and delicious chuck. Devonshire butter will also be present in the patty construction to deliver extra deliciousness…. Fries will be of course hand-cut, and cooked three times (rather than the usual two by most fine steakhouses… Bit of background here: Normally you take the cut raw fries, and fry them in lower temperature oil for a few minutes until they get tender. Pull the fries out, crank the heat on the fryer, and the fries are ready for 1 last sizzle in the frying to get their golden crispy exterior). BurGR Gordon Ramsay will be using Kennebec potatoes for a lighter, less starch filled fry.

There will of course be a variety of available food, including chicken sliders, jalapeno poppers, and a twist on the Ramsay Classic, Sticky Toffee Pudding (which btw, is UNBELIEVABLE at Gordon Ramsay Steak). Beers (30+ on tap) and a full bar will of course be offered, including a BurGR draught especially created for the restaurant by Stone Brewing Co. in San Diego.

We’ll have a review as soon as it’s open! Can’t wait!


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