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The Linq Vegas & The Vegas Economy

Las Vegas, and… Jobs?

The Linq will be providing a massive injection into the economy of Las Vegas and the western United States. It’s construction will bring 3000 construction jobs to Las Vegas, and 1500 permanent jobs once its complete. The Linq, will be an outdoor retail and dining space that is costing Caesars Entertainment over 550 Million Dollars. The entire project will be similar to “The Grove” in LA. It will be a laid back, exciting atmosphere for all of those who come visit. For the gamblers out there, The Linq will be directly connected to two casinos, so gambling will never be far away!

Rick Caruso, CEO of Caruso Affiliated, who have been hired to create LINQ, was interviewed by FOX about The Linq, and how it will chance Las Vegas.

The Linq by the numbers:

178,000 sq feet of restaurant, bar, and club space.

37,000 sq feet of retail space

70,000 sq feet of entertainment venue space


The Linq will be opened in 2013.

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