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Hakkasan Las Vegas to replace Studio 54

With Studio 54 closing at the MGM Grand, there has been a lot of speculation as to what will be taking its place. We’ve recently found out that Angel Management and London-based restaurant operator will be opening a new restaurant/nightclub in the space Studio 54 once occupied. The restaurant and club, being called “Hakkasan Las Vegas” is expected to open in December this year, which will go a long with many other renovations at the MGM Grand, including the closing of the Lion Habitat. “Hakkasan Las Vegas” will be a brand new to the MGM Grand.

The Cantonese-themed restaurant will expand on the previous space used by Studio 54, and actually include an outdoor section, which should allow for some great views of the Strip, similar to PURE at Caesars Palace. Angel Management currently operates a Wet Republic Ultra Pool in the MGM Grand

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